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Infant & Toddler


Aquatic Park School


3 infants, starting at 5 months of age to approximately 16 months.

Pixar Children's School



Up to 8 infants in 1 classroom starting at 4 months of age to approximately 16 months.

Our small, intimate infant program allows us to follow each individual child’s natural patterns and needs. We keep a 1:3 teacher to child ratio, and with an attentive, nurturing staff we are able to adapt to each child’s unique daily rhythms. In the spirit of Magda Gerber’s philosophy of “educaring,” we create playful, loving environments and give each child focused attention and opportunities for independent exploration. We are also inspired by the Reggio Emilia philosophy through the practices of ongoing materials exploration, community building, and reciprocal relationships based in trust and respect. Parents and teachers partner together to respond to the changing needs of babies as they grow. As we follow each infant’s natural rhythms and routines, we do not adhere to a set daily schedule in the infant program.



Aquatic Park School


8 toddlers, starting at approximately 16 months and progressing to
approximately 30 months over the school year.

Pixar Children's School

Wobblers - Nemo


12 Toddlers starting at approximately 16–24 months.

Children are able to experience an expansion of their group experience from the infant room or other small group care experiences. Within the toddler years children are experiencing a wide range of growth and development and at the same time still require individualized care and intimate relationships with adults. With a 1:4 teacher to child ratio, we are able to offer children experiences that meet their curiosities, needs for independence, and increasing energy levels, while still providing the sensitive caregiving routines that toddlers require. In the wobbler program we focus on offering children a wide range of materials to explore and build relationships with, an introduction to Circle Time and group activities, as well as challenging gross motor activities throughout the day that promote and encourage rapid physical development that happens in the toddler years.

Preschool Program

The preschool program provides a school environment that is respectful of two, three, four, and five year old children and their developmental needs. The program emphasizes play-based learning that builds on children’s interests in meaningful ways. We believe that children learn in relationship– with each other, within themselves, with the natural world, with their families, and with their community. Within the safety of these relationships, children take risks in exploring their ideas and make mistakes, which lead to learning. Our program supports relationships in our emphasis on social learning and emotional intelligence. Class meetings are daily opportunities to listen to each other’s perspectives, collaborate together to solve problems, and enjoy a strong sense of belonging in the class community. Children learn conflict resolution skills and are supported in their efforts to respectfully solve problems with their peers. Children learn through working with their peers on things they are interested in and curious about. Small group project work supports children’s learning by challenging them to articulate and represent their ideas, listen to their peers’ ideas, and collaborate together to create knowledge. Children graduate from our preschool program as clear communicators, engaged learners, competent problem solvers, and unique young people who are ready to step into the elementary school context with confidence.

2-3 year olds

Aquatic Park School



13 Two year olds starting at approximately 24 months to 36 months (1:6 ratio, except for lunch and nap transition where we keep a 1:4 ratio to address the increased needs for care during these times)


1:7.5 teacher to child ratio in the 3 year old classrooms.

Pixar Children's School



2–14 young preschoolers, starting at approximately 24–36 months. (1:6 ratio, except for lunch and nap where we keep a 1:4 ratio to address the increased needs for care during these times)

4-5 year olds

Aquatic Park School


Oldest Group
(Name determined by the group)

1:8 teacher to child ratio in the 4-5 year old classrooms.

Pixar Children's School


Jessie & Colette

(3-5 years old)

There are varied ages within each preschool classroom. We keep a 1:9 teacher to child ratio in the 3 year old classrooms and a 1:11 teacher to child ratio in the 4-5 year old classrooms.

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